WooCommerce Variations Optimizer

It's not possible for WooCommerce to handle many variations they said...

It's not possible for anyone to improve large variable product load times they said...

Black magic we say!

Product with 1000+ variations

This drawing [painting] is a DEMO product we have prepared for you. It contains more than 1000 variations (created using vanilla WooCommerce functionality).

This website is an online shop DEMO build using WordPress and WooCommerce. We have mounted this site to showcase the capabilities of WooCommerce Variations Optimizer.

WooCommerce Variations Optimizer

WooCommerce Variations Optimizer is an add-on for WooCommerce, capable of optimizing page load times and ajax response times for variable products with a large number of price variations.

WooCommerce struggles to load variable products with over 30+ variations (which is the threshold limit set to query data via background calls); this plugin improves:

  • Product page load times.
  • Add to cart load times.
  • Variation AJAX response times.

More product examples

About this demo

Shared Hosting

This DEMO is running on a Shared Hosting server.


Latest WooCommerce (vanilla) release.

Variation Swatches

Variation Swatches for WooCommerce plugin is activated.


WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin is activated.


WooCommerce Storefront theme is activated.

No Page Cache

Page cache has been turned OFF. Only the plugin's internal cache is being used.

© 10 Quality Studio, all rights reserved. This website is a DEMO. WooCommerce Variations Optimizer improves drastically the load times generated by variable products with over 40 variations, it is an intellectial property of 10 Quality Studio (Ten Quality Studio S.R.L. Costa Rica).